Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Layout 2017

Last year I had started doing a Halloween Layout séance table that I did it again this year where it still has a few of the same and a bit different things as will such as that I am using sensor crystal ball with a eye in it say I see you. Using some of the small black candle holders in the center with the blooding ones I got last year Yankee Candles. The tall ones in the back with the Grim Reaper candles that was a gift from my fathers wife that is also the same with the two small candles and the small black candle holders. That I have that keep sake urn of my moms ash's in it with the Halloween layout and place a skeleton crow that I got from Sprite of Halloween during after Halloween sale and the same with the spider web cloth in the center as will. This is my Halloween Layout for 2017 that I will have a Christmas layout as will once again.

The video might not play on this site and will do put it on Instagram and have some photos of it and other things as will. For now have a scary day!

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