Monday, October 16, 2017

What do aliens have to do with Halloween

 What do aliens have to do with Halloween? Aliens can take some part of Halloween since they are scary because that they are not human. Not from are planet also known to abduct use to place a probe in us. Come to invade are planet. The part with aliens to do with Halloween it pretty much started off on October 30 1938 that was before the day of Halloween. That Orson Welles did a radio broadcast by tell H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds that made it like a news bulletin as a prank that everybody thought that aliens where going to invade earth. Also mostly in the 50's that most of the horror movies where Sci-Fi that had aliens invading are planet. That they had made away to have them scary such as 1979 movie Alien from Ripley Scott where a alien was on board of a space cargo ship that made it like a outer space haunted house that had the saying "No one can scream in space" Disney World did had attraction that is not their any more it was Extraterrestrial Alien Encounter where they had guest in a theater that they strap them in where a alien has escape from it's tube and terrorize the audience that makes it feel like the alien is grabbing them it was really scary for something that was at a Disney Park. Aliens do have a place for Halloween that they appear in TV Halloween specials like Kang and Kodos the two aliens that always had appearance in The Simpsons Tree House of Horror episodes. The Last Halloween that was a TV special in the early 90's where aliens come to earth on Halloween to find more candy for their planet. Their was a Halloween episode of Hay Arnold that Arnold and his friend Gerald that did a Halloween prank by doing a radio broadcast to the grown ups if Aliens are coming to invade mostly similar to the Orson Wells telling War of the Worlds. That had the other kids in the show dress as aliens and cause a riot in the city that if aliens where their to come to invade. Aliens do have a place in modern day Halloween coulter not really back to the origins of Halloween with the Gaelic Festival besides if it was a Halloween episode of Ancient Aliens by that puffy hair guy saying "What if Jack O Lanterns could be carve from Alien faces?" Aliens do well for Halloween for todays view with aliens that they are unknown to make them scary because they are from another planet. Do abduct people put probes in us. Could come in peace or maybe not? Come to invade use as will. But we have are own theory's about aliens. If you believe or  don't believe in extraterrestrial's at all. Aliens will have a place for Halloween the same with witches, Ghost's, Vampires and other types of goblins as will.

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