Friday, January 6, 2017

Independent food critic: Fuddruckers Grilled chicken sandwich.

This is another review for the month of January from now. Had to be another one on a something I had ate at. Today had ate at Fuddruckers over by Legends in Kansas City, Ks. Had their grilled chicken sandwich since I had a coupon for it for $8 with fries and a soda. Mostly go for Fuddruckers for their burgers is what it is known for. Since I had a coupon for it. Decided to use's it any way. Even got another one for it. Another way to get use back to that place get it. That chicken sandwich a lot more. Coupons are all so for cheep bastards. In lest had something a bit under $10 at this place. The grilled chicken sandwich was pretty good. It was marinated it was white meat and tender. Even if it had a couple of small bones in it. More times I go for their for a burger one of the things to go their for besides for jalapeno cheese sauce with the fries. For the Grilled Chicken Sandwich 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5. Do more post's soon for now. Keep on eating!

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