Thursday, November 10, 2016

Independent Food Critic: Thirsty Thurday Jones Sodas

I had not did a Thirsty Thursday in a long time where I share a drink to you. Right now it is Jones Soda clam to have real cane sugar in it like it is organic soda. I was into drinking Jones Sodas in my year in High school where it had all kinds of different flavors then other kinds of sodas do. Their are flavors I like their are flavors I don't like such as blue bubble gum and clear cream soda. Mostly the flavors I like are Root Beer, Orange cream soda and was into Green Apple that was a popular flavor. Where it taste like Green Apple. On the bottles they have photos where they can send to them and place them on their bottles. You can not have a pitcher of yourself on a Coke or Pepsi bottle. Notice it on the Discovery Channel show in the 2000's call Monster Garage where it is host by the outlaw biker builder name Jesse James from West Cost Choppers. Mostly get a bottle of it at Wal-Greens on my lunch break back in high school when they still had them their for a $. Been a independent company for 20 years by now. Jones Soda is part of my years when I am in High school same with SoBes in Jr high. This is the drink to share on Thirsty Thursday well do another one over a week or longer. For now stay Thirsty!

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