Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Jack o Lanterns from this year.
This year in October went pretty fine. Got to do some spook post's during that month. Got about 10 post's on that month more then any other month of this year. Got to watch horror movies mostly in that month got to watch enlist one or few from each decade from the 1920's to the 2010's. In random order as always. Got to watch bits of every sub-genre of Horror. Think the 2010's was the decade I had watch from the most. Pretty much watch things I seen before and some I had not seen before. It was also the month I had watch movies the most. Only got a few trick or treaters that came in groups. Not as much from last year. Don't really get much of them where I live. Got to go as a Voodoo Man based from New Orleans and Haiti. Had on my mind would like to be in New Orleans on Halloween night in the French Quarter on Bourbon St. where they be full of people in customs and frowning out orange and black Mardi Gras beads. Even I had been in NOLA before a few times mostly was in March. Was not really depress this year besides had a few days before this month was not worrying about my mom dyeing since that happen already back in April of this year. That my mom's spirit could had made a visit on Halloween. Since that is what Halloween known as Al Hallows Eve that originated that spirits comes for a visit. Besides it's Day of the dead and All St. Day to light candles for love ones graves. Had shared some of the post's on a Support group for Halloween. Got some ideas for next year where I planning on reviewing Halloween specials. Are some of the ideas I had on mind.

Me as a Voodoo Man that I went this year.

Thanks to the ones who had view my post's. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween and Have a Scary Day!

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