Friday, November 4, 2016

Independent Food Critic: Fried Food Friday Fried Ice Cream

This is the first Fried Food Friday where I share a food that is fried on a Friday over a week or longer.

Fried Food Friday starting off with Fried Ice Cream from El Porto. It was my Birthday yesterday gave me a thing of Fried Ice Cream in a fried cinnamon shell in it. Fried Ice Cream is a fried way to take up highly frozen Ice Cream cover it with something like nuts get it fried for a bit. Do have them in some Mexican Restraints and do also serve it at the KC Ren Fair as well. It is another take off of that frozen dairy treat we all like that is fried and has a coding with it. Something to have if you want desert after those tacos and burritos or gave it to me on my Birthday had me wear a sombrero sign me Happy Birthday. That would be some memories. Be sharing some more post's soon For now keep on eating! 

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