Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Halloween Tree Review

Got another Halloween one from Hanna-Barbera from the early 90's. It is call The Halloween Tree where it was based on a book by Ray Bradbury. The story takes place in a Mid-Western town that was into the celebration of Halloween. Group of 4 trick or treaters with the different costumes they go as for Halloween. While they are on their way to Pippen their friend who brought a lot of joy to their life. Notice he had been taken to the hospital with something he can die from. The four kids took a scary path way that lead to a old house. That in up meting with Mr. Moundshroud who in up being their guide and mostly like the main villain. Who was Voice by the late Leonard Nimoy known him as Spock in the original Star Trek. The Character had something he needs to do. The four kids notice about a Tree with Jack O lanterns. Mr. Moundshroud that creepy guy that dress like Dracula. Calls it a Halloween Tree where each of the Jack O Lanterns are a persons soul that had died. Saw their friends ghost with his Jack O Lantern. Go on a guide threw time to save him by each time period as the customs as they go as. To learn the origins of Halloween and each thing from their customs as they are. Such as Ancient Egypt for the one as a Mummy, The Dark Ages for the girl as a witch, Notre Dame for the one as a Gargoyle and Mexico on Dia de Muertos known as Day of the Dead for the one as a Skeleton. All by trying to save his friends life. That Mr. Moundshroud wont let them do. Even was the one that the he was guiding the kids. At the end they their friend did not died on his Jack O Lantern did not in up in The Halloween tree and Mr. Moundshroud in up in it and rotated away. For The Halloween Tree it is really creepy and educational to learn the origins of Halloween. The part where there in the catacombs in Mexico was the creepiest part in it. It is worth chickening it out where it dose have the spirit of Halloween in it. For The Halloween Tree 1 out of 5 Jack O Lanterns I would give it a 4 out of 5 Jack O Lanterns. Well be doing more post's soon. Keep on viewing. Have a Scary Day and Happy Halloween! 

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