Monday, October 24, 2016

The Last Halloween Review

Right now going to write a review on The Last Halloween. Where it was a TV special back in the early 90's. They don't show it any more. You can fine it on YouTube to watch. The Last Halloween is about two kids a brother and a sister. Where they had lost their mother years ago that the girl still wears that costume ever year that been made by her mother. Had fine four Martian's that had crash landed searching for Coobi know to them as Candy. Where it happens to be on Halloween? Kids father that had own a candy factory that still power by a water wheel. That the lake had dried up. Clam it had to be The Last Halloween in their town. The lake had been dried up by the two main villains in it. One is a made scientist woman trying to get internal youth and her Hench man that is like a Frankenstein kind of guy. Had took one of the aliens where it is Bing a yellow spring alien. Save him from those two and had those two arrested. Still had the lake dried up. Until that boy threw a stone that was giving by one of the aliens. Made the lake have water again. The four Martians got their Coobi. Learn about a mother's love from that little girl and they went back to Mares. Be back on Halloween. For The Last Halloween it is still pretty good. Something to watch with your kids. The aliens are down by early CGI that are cartoon like. This happens to be from Hanna-Barbera. Kind of do have something with Halloween in it. Besides candy had them in a commercial a year later for Halloween candy. When I was a child I did like it. Did wanted it to be longer and have a sequel for it. 1 out of 5. Jack o Lanterns I well give it a 4 Jack o Lanterns out of 5. Well be doing some more post's soon. Happy Halloween and Have a Scary Day!  

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