Friday, April 22, 2016

In Memory of my mom Donna L. Brooks (Laura Ann Rose)

In Memory of my mom Donna L. Brooks in the SCA known for her as Laura Ann Rose.  My mom was a wonderful woman who raised me. She really loved me with all of her heart. We where in the SCA the Middle Ages group been doing for a long time. Those where some of the things she loves doing. She was a bared. Did Archery and Falconry same with my dad. Brings the birds of pray to events to show and talk about them her favorite bird of pray was a Kistrel. She also was in to fantasy mostly with dragons in it. She was battling cancer. All ready spared to her lungs and we thought she was going to get better and it got worst. The last big event she went to was Gulf Wars down in Mississippi. Doctor's clam she had 9 months to live. Only week later from now that she had pass away. Right after when they took her home from the Hospital she was about to be on Hospice care. She had lost the battle of cancer. But her memory and love well live on.  
This was a resent photo of her after from one of her Doctors Appointments

This is her with my dad at a SCA Event

Her Holding a Kistrel

Her with a one of the birds we had

Her with a Harris Hawk
Her with me holding birds at a SCA Event in Arkansaw
R.I.P. to my Loving Mother Donna L. Brooks (Laura Ann Rose) October 2, 1956- April 21, 2016.

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