Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Memery of are cat Sophie.

This post is a Memorial to are Siamese Cat Sophie.


A bit about Sophie she was are cat who we got as a recue animal from a Young couple at Apartment that was left from the previse owners. Sophie been a really lovely cat. Frist time when we got her taking her home when she was meowing! Talking like Cartman from South Park saying "No Kitty not having my Pot Pie". Had her back in 2010. She been coming downstairs with me wanted to be petted coming up on my lap. Sleeping with me a thaw times. Did creep me out when we did not had her long ago where she was meowing late in the night fowling me when I was using the bathroom was something like from Stephen King and R.L. Stine. Had put it on my Facebook status in the morning. Their are times I did like having her around to keep me company. Also times she dose annoyed me always wanting in and out. She keeps Moawing until she gets what she wants. Moaws by the basement window for while she hit her head until I lit her in. Still always like having her around to keep me company something to pet.  Even would like to have her around right now since with the things that we are dealing with. Last Sunday from now we found her dead in the backyard she must had ate something poison that's what I probably know. She is gone now.

We had Sophie from 2010 to 2016. She was already a grown cat when we got her. R.I.P. to are cat Sophie!

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