Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

(Pumpkins from this year) 

This year Halloween went pretty fine on that night had a bit more Trick or Treaters this year then last year where in big groups of them. Went as a Vampirate this year hand out the Trick or Treaters candy. Most of the time in October I was feeling depress dealing with something in my life with my own horrors. Besides the horrible accident went threw back in March. Still did some Halloween related blogs and share them on a Facebook page that supports Halloween. Still did watch horror movies most of the month of October had watch each different decade from the 20's all the way to the 10's. Did had a habit of showing Halloween of Spooky commercials from the 90's on Liem's Blogs Facebook page want to be a bit Nostalgia. Hop you all had a fun Halloween thanks for the ones who had view my post's. Probably do this again deepens how things go in my life? 

                                                          (This is what I went this year)

After when the Trick or Treat was over with had candles being light for part of the night of Halloween. Thanks for viewing and Have a Scary Day!

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