Thursday, November 26, 2015

I am Thankfull for

Today from now is Thanksgiving when this well be posted it is the time to be Thank full. Was going to do this as a Facebook status might as well do it as a blog. What I am thank full for are my parents especially my mom who cares and loves me. Thank full for my aunt my moms sister who been staying with us for now helping out with my mom and us. Not always been a religious person I am Thank full for God, His son Jesus Christ and some of the Angels from Heaven been praying for to help my mom what in need. Also Thank Full for the ones who all pray for my mom who was in the Hospital she is doing fine for now some are still praying for her and I am Thank full for the ones who help us out when are van caught on fire back in March when we are heading back home from Gulf Wars a week long SCA event. Those are what I am Thank Full for this year. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving? You probably have thing's that you are Thank Full for?

                                                                                              Happy Thanksgiving!


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