Sunday, June 22, 2014

SCA: Lilies War 2014 A.D.

This is the vary first post in the month of June of this year have not been doing any post's for a long time been pretty busies with things. It was another year at Lilies war a week long S.C.A. event in the month of June. Always go their this year kinda same like last year was not their a whole lot. My parents are still more into it because of the birds of prey they got as Falconers pretty much like tenured with it. Just sharing some pitchers I took when I was their.    

                                                                    Viking boat


                                                                     Knight fighting

This was the blog for Lilies War 2014 A.D. Not really going to much with SCA events been planing on making a Horror movie take place at Lilies war, Any Other SCA event and at a Ren Fair. For now just take them for granted what I mostly do For Now Keep on viewing!

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