Saturday, June 28, 2014

Top 15 movies to watch in the summer

This is the summer season time for swimming, grilling out and watch movies see some of them in theaters to escape the summer heat. Rank up the 15 movies I got on here to watch during this time of year from now. Some of them do take place or released in the summer some are blockbuster movies. This is my pick might not be any body choice.

1, Jaws (1975)

2, Jurassic park (1993)

3, Independence Day (1996)

4, Finding Nemo (2003)

5, The Dark Knight (2008)

6, Transformers (2007)

7, Shrek (2001)

8, Star Wars (1977)

9, The Sandlot (1993)

10, The Avengers (2012)

11, Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)

12, Point Break (1991)

13, There's Something About Mary (1998)

14, The Way Way Back (2013)

15, Adventureland (2009)

Most of those are the movies to watch in the summer one's that released or take place in the summer. If it is hot out side you can go to a movie to get away from the heat if can't afford to see a movie just watch one at home. Their's one I left out and also a thew one is Friday the 13th (1980) I well probably do more post soon for now Keep on viewing!


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