Saturday, June 28, 2014

Independent Food Critic Fazli's

This is the vary first review since back in May happens to be posted in the late part of June of this year. I have not ate at Fazoli's in a long time. Had ate at the one over in Quivira Rd in Shawnee, Kansas. Also I happen to used to work at one long ago. Frazoli's is a fast food Italian place that is a chain. Best known for pasta's and bread sticks. Pretty much had change their menu. Getting more up scale for fast food. When I was their had the Ultimate spaghetti had mine with out the mushrooms and bacon. The marina sauce has a spicy bland to it mostly from a jar. The meatballs are probably turkey then beef from a package. Had mine as a combo pepperoni pizza and bread sticks that I always like. It was a pretty good meal. It's good for something that is Italian fast food and the service kinda was good. Still be something to go once in a while. For Fazli's 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5. Well be doing more Independent Food Critic reviews and other post's soon Remember something I am my own food Critic and for now keep on eating! 

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