Sunday, January 5, 2014

12Th Night 2014 A.D.

This is my vary first post of the year 2014. 2013 got up to 63 post's less then 2012 when I did about 88. Did had a comment on a blog only once ever. Last Saturday from now was at another SCA event where it's the middle ages re-acting group. Where they dress up in cloths that is vary well made then what they really did ware back then for real. 12TH Night is a big event that's on the first weekend of the year. Mostly a bit boring to me.

Knight fighting!

Having Court!

Did realize this was the first 12th Night we didn't stay for feast. Let you know that I did a video of my self singing soft kitty on YouTube well do a post by sharing it soon. For now keep on viewing!

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