Monday, December 30, 2013

Independent Food Critic: Top 22 reviews in 2013

Got about over 150 post on Liem's Blogs 49 more well have 200. Going to uses Independent instead of Indy because of the confusion that ones I know think that I do reviews just on Hindu Indian food or Indy as Indianapolis where I happened to be living in Kansas City. New Year is about to come rank up 22 reviews I did of this year 2013 from January to December of this year. Mostly been reviewing on just what I had at this place then just reviewing what I ever got their goes out of the whole restaurant. Only did one video review this year. 22 well be rank up by the highest views it has.  

1, Dave & Busters

2, Quiznos 

3, Red Lobster's endless shrimp

4, Culver's crispy chicken sandwich

5, Chili's Cheese steak

6, Jonnnie's west (Kansas City, Ks)

7, Applebees Ultimate Trios

8, Lone Star Steakhouse 

9, Chpotle Mexican Grill

10, IHOP

11, Culver's

12, Golden Corral

13, Backfire BBQ

14, Starsky's (Omaha, Ne)

15, The Cheesecake Factory 

16, T-Rex Cafe

17, Go Chicken Go

18, Wingsday at Hooters

19, Sonic

20, Long Horn Steakhouse 

21, On The Border

22, Carrabba's Italian Grill

Most of those where the reviews as Independent Food Critic of this year of 2013. Well be doing some more in 2014. Would want to re-review on Grinder's and Stroud's. Want to go to Blue Koi for their Fire bird chicken noodles. Planing on doing a 5 Year Anniversary on Independent food Critic. Remember something I am my own food critic, Keep on eating and have a Happy New Year!

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