101 post on Liem's Blogs

Got about a 100 post on Liem's Blogs from Indy Food Critic reviews. Other kinds of things as well. doing blogs on this site back last year in March from now. It was a way to share Indy Food Critic videos from my YouTube channel. When I went back to doing them as videos. Did stop doing them for a bit. Since it was to much to do and thew views where low. I just do most of the Indy Food Critic reviews on blog form on this site. Did other kinds of videos of me. Showing off my EZip Scooter and doing Impressions what I do the best at. A talent I had for a while. Before I got on here. Started out the blogs on my Myspace page. Then on Facebook and now on this site right now. Indy Food Critic back in 2009 I started out as a video reviews. Then on Myspace and my Facebook page. Every month all ways do a post on Liem's Blogs. From a Indy Food Critic thing to all most any thing I am into right now. I well still be doing some more post on Liem's blogs. For the viewers thanks for viewing my post. Keep on viewing!


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