Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 5 current TV shows

Going to rank up the 5 TV shows that I am into that are still running today. Not going to have The Simpsons and South Park because they been on over a decade. Ranking up one's less the 10 years from now. Mostly some where from 2007 and latter. Let you know this are my pick might not be the best chose I pick out. But their the one's I like the best so far.  

1, The Big Bang Theory: This show has things you like. That has charters each you can relate to. Things on Science, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic Books and Video Games. Their is all ways a episode where you can laugh at. Been living off the re-run's they show on TBS right now. Only got in to this show last March of this year. Now really in to it all lot.   

2, True Blood: Another HBO series on here. It is mostly my fave. Has vampires, Were's all kinds of Sup's mostly take's place in the U.S. South with a southern goth like to it. The last two season not really the best. But I still like this show.

3, The Walking Dead: TV series with zombies in it. In the show they call them walkers. It takes place in a zombie appaclece. Has a real life look to it. Using slow moving zombies. Had thing's mix with 28 Days Later and Lost. Now the show is getting even much better so far. 

4, Pawn Stars: A realty show about running a family company. Where they have customers try to sell things. Try to buy it with the right price to make a profit. Show has charters similar to the guys from American Choppers. Get to learn a bit of history and the value of the things they bring in the store.   

5, The Game of Thrones: It is a fantasy series. Where it takes place in a mystical world. Mostly to humans It's a fantasy that is more for grown ups then kids. Nothing like any thing like Harry Potter. Beside's it has a blond hair boy who became king that looks similar to Draco. I was mostly more two the first season of the show then the 2nd season. 

Those are my pick of the TV shows right now. For now just putting some blogs on a hold. Beside a doing a Indy Food Critic review. For now keep on viewing!

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