Saturday, November 3, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Cinzetti's on my Birthday

I ate at Cinzetti's a pricey Italian buffet over in Overland park. Their are only of those. The other one is over in Denver. Went to the one over in Overland park. That was of the place's I want to go on my B-Day beside The Cheesecake Factory to have Cheesecake. Instead of going to Hooters been doing it for the last three years. Even doe have good times at that place on my B-Day. Wanted to go some place different this year.  Not really into the age I am right now. Did a video review since I got a new digital camcorder for my B-Day. Do video reviews once in a while. Mostly the one's on location that been plan on doing for a while. To see the review most watch the video to fine out what I rate this place. 

Did had a OK birthday for now. Not really going to like the age I become. Getting much older right now. But for now keep on viewing and Keep on Eating!

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