Friday, March 30, 2012

My eZip Scooter

A thing I like to do is to ride on my eZip 500 scooter in the Neighborhood where I live. Got that scooter from friends I know here in the Neighborhood where I am living right now in Kansas City, Ks. They have scooters of their own and they ride them as well. There are time I do ride with them around the Neighborhood. It is really fun as well. Got battery upgrade with a 3rd battery sticking out. Makes it go faster, Longer and a bit up those hills.

                                                  That's when I just got the scooter

                             This is with the battery upgrade from the same people I got the scooter from

Did upload some POV scooter rides with the view of the Neighborhood. Been watching roller coaster views on YouTube made me come up with that Idea. Kinda made them like short movies with opening and ending credits

This is the first scooter ride video I did 

                                    That one is the look at my scooter with a ride clip at the end

Me and my friends in Kansas City, Ks like riding are E Scooters. It runs on electric then on gas. Even doe my breaks scriking noise.

                                            For Now Keep on Riding

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