Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Impression of Mater from Cars

Just did a video on YouTube me doing Impression of Mater the rusted lovable toe truck from Cars. Mostly some of the lines from the first Cars movie.  

Do like some things from Disney by time. Mostly in to liking The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies and some the Pixar films. Did other Impressions on my Channel. Such as Cartman from South Park and 4 Charters played by Mike Myers from all three of the Austin Powers movies. Had planes to do some more Impressions on there. Probably do some other charters from Cars such as Fillmore the Hippie VW Bus, Luigi the little Italian car who seals Tires and Ramone the custom lowrider are a thew I can do. Mostly do Indy Food Critic and POV eZip Scooter ride video's and all kinds of thinks on YouTube.

                                           For Now Keep on Watching 

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