Friday, April 28, 2017

Independent Food Critic: Fried Food Friday Bloomin Onion

Got a Fried Food Friday it is on the popular appetizer at the Australian them restraint call Outback Steakhouse. We mostly always get a bloomin onion for a appetizer when we are at a Outback. Where it also served as a appetizer at other restraints mostly steakhouses. More times they call it a onion blossom. The bloomin onion or the onion blossom is mostly a large onion cut part way as a blossom. Dip in batter and deep fried like onion rings. Have the dipping sauce for it in the middle. Mostly shared with since it is a appetizer thing. They did had a thing they gave them away for free on a Monday since their Nascar driver had won. Also have the Loaded bloomin onion that is top with their cheese fries that is also another popular fried food as a appetizer at a Outback Steakhouse. Would like to get that some time when we go back to a Outback. Bloomin onion is always going to be my way to have a onion. Defiantly ate a Outback and do serve them at other restraints as well for appetizers. For now keep on eating! 

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