Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Quadcopters that I have

If you had read some of my post's that I am into RC vehicles such as cars planes and boats. Also in to quad flying that is mostly like a helicopter that can take photos and video with it. Got the TK110hw as the most resent one. Been flying that a few times. Even if a arm got broke had to super glow it few times. It is a bit bent right now and it can still fly pretty good. Got about 2 or maybe 3 that I can still fly them for now. Going to show the 6 of the ones I have by telling what type they are in the caption.



Those are the quadcopters I have for now. Might get some of the others fix up and probably get some new ones as well some time in the future. But I already got some to enjoy to fly around and take pitchers with it and even try to take selfies with it. More post's well be out soon and for now keep on viewing! 

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