In memery of Max one of are pugs.

                                  (Max is the one on the right by his brother Rosco)

A day ago we lost another pet of are's Max one of are pugs that he was the brother of Rosco. We had both of them about 7 years ago from now from a woman who was watching over a bunch of kids. Got them months after when are Jack Russell terrier died when we just moved to Kansas City, Ks not to long ago. They where both hyper pugs. Fight over each chuddar when one is being petted. Max always been their with it's brother. He was getting to be a old dog. Most pugs don't live that long. a day ago we found him on the side of the gate in the back yard. For now we only have Rosco left. This year lost Sophie are cat and the biggest lost is my mom this year back in April. R.I.P. to Max are pug died in August 26, 2016.


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