Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some of the RC Vehicles I have

Right now RC vehicles are my personnel interest and a bit of a hobby of mine right now. This is not any kind that my parents drag me to since when I was a child. Showing off some of the others I got. Beside's the Helicopter I got this year for Christmas that I show in thew blogs lately. Also it's not going to have the RC Airplane on here as well. Remember something I am not selling any of them yet they are just for showing off.  

                                                  Racing Corvette had it back since 2007
                                                     Speed Boat had it back since 2005

                                               Hummer H2 had it back since 2004

                              West Cost Chopper had it back since 2004 with the Hummer 

Most of the RC vehicles I got right now. Did play with some of them recently mostly was the Corvette and the Hummer. If you don't really know RC is? It is short for Radio Control. That's what I call mostly something Remote can control. It is nothing to do with RC cola drink. Keep on having fun from Liem's Blogs!

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  1. it's such a nice hobby to play with rc toys. last weekend i bought my first nitro rc car from online toys site, i don't use that you but i am sure that it will be nice experience.


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