Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 14 Indy Food Critic V-Reviews 2012

Since the New Year is about to come from now. Rank up the 14 Indy Food Critic V-Review I upload on YouTube this year. Had Went back to YouTube reviews on this year where it all started off. Kinda did stop doing some of them because. Low on views. Try to do my best to make it a bit entertaining. I know am not the best at reviewing it. Do what I can. Rank up the one's highest views as the top videos been watched. 

                                                 Applebee's Queseadilla Burger review

1, Applebee's Queseadilla Burger

2, Red Lobster

3, Cinzetti's (Overland Park, Ks)

4, Isle of Capri Buffet

5, Hometown Buffet

6, Texas Roadhouse

7, Jack in the Box

8, Cupini's (Kansas City, Mo)

9, China Town Super Buffet

10, Lone Star Steakhouse 

11, Applebee's Re-Review 

12, Evergreen Chinese Restaurant 

13, Wendy's

14, Famous Dave's Re-Review

Most of those where the V-Reviews did this year. There are times I am planing on doing some more of them soon. To see them chick out my YouTube channel Liem's Blogs Channel to see those place I did reviews on. Well be doing another kinds of blog soon. Remember something I am my own Food Critic and for now keep on eating!

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