Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Top 5 Star Trek technology

The 301 post. Right now Star Trek in it's 50th year. My mom was original Trekkie. She was into Spock. Pretty much do like Star Trek. Especially the technology from it. That I would want in real life. Some of it became realty. Such as automatic open doors at some stores, The Flip Phones we had in the 2000's they are like the communicators they have in the show that lead to the smart phone and tablets. Got the 5 Tech's from Star Trek pretty much in the original series and Next Gen. The ones I pick out are pretty much the things we don't have yet.
1, Transporter
2, Holodeck
3, Replicator
4, Hyprespace
5, Universal Translator


Those are the 5 technology from Star Trek. If you are a Trekkie you probably even know even more then I do. More post's well be out soon for now Keep on Viewing and Live Long and Prosper!

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