Monday, September 12, 2016

Liem's Blogs 300th post

Right now this is the 300 post's on Liem's Blogs on Blogger. Did mange to keep posting things on this site got up to 300. Even if it's only a few people I know in person apishly as Independent Food Critic where I review places I eat ate. Getting up to 300 is pretty much a lot of post's I did ever since back in March of 2012. The first two on that day was sharing a Famous Davies BBQ review. Just ate their last night from now and a first time on Blogger. Been posting things about food, pop coulter and any thing I am into during that time. Do pay respect this year with 3 memorial post's of Sophie are cat, Donna L. Brooks known as Laura Ann in the SCA happens to be my mom and Max one of are pugs had died. My post's are not really main stream out to much in public. Do get some views on it. Mostly the ones I know in person do view them know me pretty well with it apishly place's I eat at to do reviews on. Doing that and posting things is something I still do. Even if I don't do it much as I had before. Did the most post's back in 2012. For the ones who views them Thanks for viewing. Even if I have 300 still even more to come would get up to 400, 500 and even a 1000 if this site would be able to get up that much post's? For now keep on viewing!   

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