Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top 20 movies from the 70's

Before the 1980's it was the 1970's where it was the decade with disco, A-Tracks, Trans am, Pong, A big celebration of 4th of July when the US became 200 years old and Jim Jones that lead the Peoples Temple to South America. Right now going to rank up the top 20 movies from this decade. Did something like this about 3 years ago from now mostly for horror movies. This one is for mostly a bit of different movie genres do have some horror in this list. Going to let you know this are the movies I like and have seen before. Might not be the best picks but they are my picks.

1, Star Wars (1977)

2, Jaws (1975)

3, Halloween (1978)

4, Super-Man (1978)

5, The Exorcist (1973)

6, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)

7, The Omen (1976)

8, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

9, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

10, Pink Flamingos (1972)

11, Scream Blacula Scream (1973)

12, Alien (1979)

13, Earthquake (1974)

14, Westworld (1973)

15, Zombie (1979)

16, I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

17, American Graffiti (1973)

18, Watership Down (1978)

19, Apocalypse Now (1979)

20, The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

This are the 20 movies on this list most of the time when I do this it are some of the ones that came to mine. Be more post's soon to rank them up For now keep on viewing!

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