Monday, July 25, 2016

Into R.C. Boat's

Right now the R.C. hobby I am into now is R.C. Boats
This is the RC Boat I have and been playing with
 Right now I am into driving R.C. Boat at the lake a few times. The R.C. boat is have and the one I been playing with is a UDI001Venom. About the UDI001 it is a smaller R.C. boat that dose drive pretty fast for a boat that size. Dose not really revers well almost any thing would have its ups and downs. One of the best things is it beeps lets you know when the battery's get low to drive it back to land. then it goes dead in the middle of the lake to half to swim for it, Take a fishing pole fish for it or have a RC Tug boat to bring it in. It is a fun boat to drive been driving it at the children's fishing pound at the lake most of the time if some one is not their fishing. This is the R.C. hobby I doing right now. Their well be other kinds I well be doing. Have a bigger R.C boat for a 11 years that's how long its been since I drove it in Big Lake back when I was living in my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia.
This is the other RC boat I got
                                          (Got a YouTube Video of the Vemon UDI001)

This is a bit about the R.C. Boat that I am into doing right now. Was into flying the Quodcopter meant to do a post about it. Had things to deal with have not flying it for a while. Be going back to doing that soon. Be putting more post's soon For now keep on viewing!

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