Thursday, January 7, 2016

Independent Food Critic: Into Crock-Pot cooking

Crock-Pot that we have with other futures on it
 This is the first Independent Food Critic post in the year 2016. Not a review on the place's I ate at. It is writing about something. Into crock-pot cooking right now since back in October when my surrogate mom got me into getting me into crock-pot cooking for my mom who has cancer a month before her surgery. Crock-Pot's or a slow cooker been around since the 1970's. Something to make that takes about 6 hours or more. Looks like crock-pot cooking is in right now. Someone can start it before they head to work it would be done when they come back. Good for family with a lot in their life. Something to make to take in a gathering of some kind like a pot luck. Even something to make for the ones into watching a football game where they have some crock-pot's with the sports teams on them. Had made some crock-pot cooking such as BBQ pull chicken and Meatball marinara some I did. had some more ideas to do been looking them up on the web from google and videos on YouTube still doing that right now got a crock-pot cook book for Christmas this year have some ideas from it to do. Had a Buzzfeed video of doing crock-pot things with it did it with box of mac and cheese. Crock-Pot cooking just add the things in it have it cook about 6 to 7 hours on low or high depends on what you are cooking. Now everybody is into crock pot cooking even myself. Still into doing crock-pot cooking and looking up ideas for recipes. Would want one for a magic potion or something to cure cancer. 

Crock-Pot cook book I got for Christmas
That was my post on crock-pot cooking Keep on eating and Cooking for now!

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