Monday, October 12, 2015

Top 10 Are you Afraid of the Dark episodes

In the past years I had rank up the top Goosebumps and Nightmare Room episodes. Got another anthology series from the 90's to rank up the episodes. It's Are you afraid of the dark where it's about a group of kids that have different lives gathering tougher by the camp fire telling scary story's call them self the Midnight Society. The episodes going to rank up are some of the one's I like and some of the one's I found scary. Let you know they all have The Tale of in the titles.
1, The Tale of the Ghostly Grinner
2, The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors
3, The Tale of Station 109.1
4, The Tale of the Dream Girl
5, The Tale of the Midnight Madness
6, The Tale of the Hungry Hounds
7, The Tale of the Prom Queen
8, The Tale of Twisted Claw
9, The Tale of Laughing in the dark
10, The Tale of the Phantom Cab
Those are the Are you Afraid of the Dark episodes I pick out. Their episodes I left out maybe for another post? If you want info about them you can just watch them yourself or look them up on the web. Doing more post's soon For Now have a Scary Day!

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