Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rock Band is back with Rock Band 4

Most of the time during in late October I do a music game blog that is about Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Since now those games had made a come back. Going to write about Rock Band 4. It's been about 5 years from now that we ever had a Rock Band or Guitar Hero game besides Rock Band Blitz back in 2012. With Rock Band 4 no longer doing the pro guitar or Key boards. Bring it back as the group game what it started out on the new Gen game systems. To me got the game and guitar for it on PS4. Have not really play it a whole lot. It dose not really have good song selections on it or online play. Where it has the idea of a player picks out a song in it. The other previse Rock Band games where a bit better then this one of course they make it as a group thing to play. Even if it's nice to bring those games back. Not really shear if it would lead to a Rock Band 5. Guitar Hero Live is out kind of do want it. Not really a rush to get. For now got Rock Band 4 I well play it more some time soon. For now keep on playing! 

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