Saturday, June 6, 2015

Independet Food Critic: Super Smokers BBQ (Eureka, MO)

 Today from now was over in the St. Louis area went by Super Smokers over in Eureka, MO. Had ate their before back in 2006. Some of the place's was deciding from another BBQ place or a Italian place that services toasted raviolis since St. Louis is also known for inventing them. Just got Super Smokers instead. We had the BBQ platter pretty much a bit of every thing from Ribs, Beef brisket sandwich, Pull Pork sandwich and a smoke chicken. The sides we had where back beans, Potato salad, French fries, coleslaw and had a order of BBQ nachos they where really good. Had back beans chicken melted cheese with corn tortilla chips mostly what you like about BBQ and Nachos. The beef brisket sandwich was pretty good. The ribs where tasty not really meaty. Did not really care much for the chicken. It seems a bit dry. Took awhile to get are food. Not really the greatest BBQ place ever but something to have for St. Louis BBQ for Super Smokers BBQ 1 out of 5 I give a 4 out of 5. Well be doing some more reviews soon. For now Keep on eating!

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