Saturday, March 28, 2015

Independent Food Critic: Lambert's Cafe (Sikeston, Mo)

Today from now I ate at Lambert's cafe over in Sikeston, Mo known for throwed rolls. Was up in Sikeston to pick up a tralier we hold from last Saturday when we where heading home a horrible accident happen. Lambert's was the number 1 place on Top 10 place's to pig out while back on  Travel Channel it was one of the two place's that did not had a food challenge. Lambert's is a cafe a really big one with size always wanted to go their for a long time. What I had was the roast beef with mashed potato's and gravy the two sides where cottage cheese and bake beans. Do have around about's of southern comfort food such as fried okra, Fried Potato's, Mack and tomato, Black eye peas and of cores home fresh bake rolls they throw at you. The food was OK not really grate. the roast beef needed more gravy on it. Back beans probably made with BBQ sauce. Mostly like the hot baked rolls they throw out. Might been better with another things on the menu such as Golden Fried Chicken or Country fired round steak. The food was OK that really the best. It is a fun place to go it is still worth going their do give you allot of food to eat. The Service was really good. Having rolls throw at you. Also have a gift shop before you leave got myself a $10 T-Shirt at this place let you know this is the kind of place that don't take credited cards it is cash only. For Lambert's 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5

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