Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Jack O' Lanterns from this year

This year was not really excited did not got to go to any Haunted House's or even Halloween Haunts at Worlds of Fun been wanting to go to Worlds of Fun since I been living in Kansas City. Still got to watch most of the horror movies from a each different decades from 1920's to 2010's. Did Halloween blogs shared them on Facebook group site Save the Old Halloween since it was a Halloween support group Thanks for the viewers and LIKES. Did had the logical way about my self died in my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia when I come over their on the month of October my ghost is haunting the town and my close friends where I lived or say when I was alive. Did came up with that last year when I was coming up their on the day before Halloween. Still dress up wearing all black with a black cap make up and a wig seating out side wanting for some kids to came by. Only had a thew kids came by it was like I we did not have any.   

Me as what I went

I hope any one had a Happy Halloween mine is not existed like the last threw years. Well being doing some more Halloween post for next month in October from now. Even doe still need to come up with ideas. Have a scary Day! 

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