Tuesday, November 4, 2014

200 post on Liem's Blogs

This is me when I just got Eclipse Spyder  Convertible.

It is ethical that I got about 200 post's on Liem's Blogs from now. Been blogging on this site since back in march 2012. Been doing different kinds of post's by ranking up something, Showing off something what I am into right now. Myself as the Independent Food Critic by reviewing place's I ate at was going as Indy Food Critic. Threw that I know complain about that title using Indy that is short for Independent clam I was only reviewing Indian Food places and that I live in Kansas City that get mistaken as Indianapolis, Indiana would do reviews of places outside of the Kansas City area more times I do the KC area because that's where I live right now. Last month in October did Halloween blogs where I rank up things like Horror movies and any thing that is spooky or Halloween related. Been doing allot of post's o here had about over 100 now up to 200. Views might not really be the best has some viewers over time been having it publish. Last year from now only had one person that made a comment on a blog that I did. I well still do some more post's doing Independent Food Critic reviews planning on doing something new and different keep doing it probably get up to 300 post's. For now keep on viewing! 

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