Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Review: Trick R Treat

One of the thew times I well do a movie review pretty much writing about one of my favorite horror movies of all time Trick R Treat. Trick R Treat is a Halloween theme horror movie. Never had one like this with a Halloween theme since the original 1978 Halloween well besides it's sequels and a reboot. Most of the time Halloween based been mostly for younger viewers. Until this one came out for a limited cinema released. It set in a town in Ohio during the night of Halloween. Tells 4 different story's similar to Pulp Fiction and Sin City. The movie started off with a couple in custom spouse blows out the Jack o lantern taking the decorations down got killed by Sammy the one it centers around where he is this pumpkin head monster with a burlap bag as a mask looks like a little child with Halloween P.J.'s going out Trick or Treating. 4 story's are where a school principal who is a single father try's to keep it a secret that he is a murder. Try's to buried that boy who was knocking jack o lanterns and stilling candy. Also the story where a group of trick r treater's gathering pumpkins to another the tragic death of those's kids on the school massacre went off the cliff showed the scene of the girl telling the story with a nerdy girl goes a witch scared her to death until those flesh eating monsters where the kids from the School bus massacre rise up, Nerdy girl just left the others to get eating. Another one is where a group of girls where at a Halloween celebration in town going as Story book characters. Has Anna Paquin was the one wearing the red ridding hood custom. Known for playing Roue in the X-Men movies and Sookie in True Blood. Where the girls go to a party in the woods being stock by a guy goes as a vampire by bating girls nicks. Had the best werewolf changing scene ever in a movie by playing Marlin Mansions version of Sweet Dreams. The other story focus on the old guy lives next door to that principle with his little dog who is grouchy dose not like Halloween scars trick or treaters with his dog. Pretty much like the scrooge to Halloween, Where he happens to be the bus driver from the school bus massacre that served got away. Have apparent's of Sammy came by and getting attack by him got him hand out candy to Trick or Treaters. Also the kids from the school bus massacre came by. Trick r Treat is mostly my favorite horror movie it is one of the best Underrated films ever cheapest movie to buy. I recommend watching it the month of October. for Trick r Treat 1 out of 5 I give it a 5 out of 5. Might not be the best review on this movie doing my best might gave away some spoilers. For now keep on viewing and Have a scary day!

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