Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top 20 things into back in 2000's

Me with a Guitar Hero controller back in 2008

This is the non Independent Food Critic post for a while. Those are the things going to rank up I was into back in 2000's. Mostly some movies TV shows and just things around that time. Been 5 years from now that we lift that decade. Let you know those are the things I am into. Might had some things on their or some not. 

1, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

2, Guitar Hero/RockBand (Video Games)

3, Social Networks (Myspace and Facebook)

4, Nintendo Wii

5, YouTube

6, Transformers (Movie)

7, True Blood 

8, MP3 Players

9, PSP

10, American Chopper 

11, The Dark Knight 

12, Harry Potter Film Series 

13, PlayStation 2

14, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Seth

15, Cell Phones with Cameras

16, Iron Man

17, Avatar (2009 Film)

18, Jon and Kate Plus Eight 

19, Lost 

20, The Osborn's (realty TV series)    

The Black Widow bike from American Chopper

Those are some of the things back in 2000's was into. Some things left out but maybe another post. Well be doing more post's soon. For now keep on viewing!

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