Monday, March 3, 2014

Independent Food Critic: Chicken Ranch Quesadillas recipe

This is the first post of March of this year from now. It is one of the thew recipe one's well do rarely. Haven't did this kind for 5 years from now. Telling you how to make Chicken Ranch Quesadillas.

Things you need

*Flour Tortillas

*Shredded Cheddar Cheese 

*Chicken breast strips

*Ranch dressing 

First take the Pre-cooked chicken breast strips place about 9 on a microwave. For what ever it says how long for. While that's beaning cooked. Take a flour Tortilla put some cheddar cheese. After when your chicken breast are cooked. My want to cut them a bit if you got bigger pieces place the chicken breast on top of the cheese. Add the ranch dressing after that add more of the cheddar cheese. Top it off with another flour tortilla. Then pre-heat your Quesadilla maker after when it's been pre-heat place the Quesadilla in it until you think it looks down. Then take the Quesadilla out of the maker. Let it cool for a bit. Cute it into 4 or 5 pieces. then you can add ranch dressing for dipping. This is just how I tell it the best. But every body has it's own way of fixing it. You can fin this at a Chili's with bacon and ranch a chose between steak or chicken. For now keep on eating!

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