Friday, September 6, 2013

Top 10 Star Wars Villiains

I all ways been a bit of a Star Wars fan most of the time. Not way to much of a die hart fan. Ranking up the Top 10 Villains from most from the complete saga mostly the one's you find any of the 6 movies. Not going to have any that are in any of the spine offs especially The Clone Wars animated series that I never got in to.

1,  Darth Vader

2, Emperor Palpatine

3, Darth Maul

4, Boba Fett

5, Jabba The Hutt

6, Count Dooku

7, Sebulba 

8, Jango Fett 

9, Grand Moff Tarkin 

10, General Grievous 

Those are mostly the villains I got on here that are from Star Wars. Maybe some of them are not the best choice but they are my picks more times when it comes to Star Wars mostly on the Dark Side of the force. Well be doing more post soon What they mostly say in Star Wars is My the force be with you!

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