Sunday, March 20, 2016

SCA Event: Gulf Wars 2016 A.D.

This is my 2nd year at Gulf Wars this year. The first SCA Event of this year from now did not got to go to 12th Night this year because of my mom was back in the Hospital that week. Gulf Wars did alright that my mom still showed up could not do much because of her cancer in her lungs. Got to go back to New Orleans when we came back a storm came knock part of my tent. Only got a threw things wet nothing broken. Thanks to are friends that help me set up my tent back up. Got some pitcher from the event.  

Gulf Wars Selfie of me as a Souterneur Pirate

The Fighters

Falconry area 

King and queen from not Calontir

Calontir heading back
Since with the storm we pack up Friday and left had a flat tire's on back of the van and trailer got them fix got home safely. Well be doing more post's soon for now keep on viewing! 

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