Thursday, March 24, 2016

Independent Food Critc: Thirsty Thursday SURGE

Have not did a Thirsty Thursday in a long time where I share something I drink. About Surge it is a originated in Norway where it was called Urge. Was out in the late 90's from Coca Cola to compete with Pepsi that had Mt. Dew. It had a Interesting St. Patty's day green way more caffeine then Mt. Dew. TV ads for this had races with obstacle's try to grab on can and bottle of this stuff. Some where in the early 2000's this stuff got discontinued. Had web pages to bring Surge back. Besides that Coca Cola has Mellow Yellow for a long time another version that is like Mt. Dew that no one drinks. Amazon had a limited time having this back. Notice a week ago Wal-Mart over at the Speedway by Legends in Kansas City, Ks had this probably for a limited time? In the KC area before St. Patty's day. Drinking it had a citrus taste like what Vault had. Another soda from Coca Cola that is like Surge that was in the 2000's got discontinued. Not really know if this was around for long right now. Something that I drank back when I was a child in the late 90's. Well be doing more post's soon for now Keep on viewing!

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