Monday, September 21, 2015

Top 7 TV episodes that where at Renaissance Fair

(This was taken at the KC Ren Fair back in 2012)
 Since the KC Ren Fair is happening right now. Decided to rank up the top episode of the TV series that had where at a Renaissance Fair. Let you know those are some of the one's I know the best. Mostly they are animated got two that are not animated one is a realty show. Rank up the episodes of the TV series that where in a Festival of Knights and Kings.

1, Joust Like a Woman (King of the Hill)

2, The Codpiece Topology (The Big Bang Theory)

3, Lisa's Wedding (The Simpsons)

4, Medieval Madness (Adam Richman's Fandemonium)

5, Fair Play (Rugrats)

6, Knighty Knight (Fairly OddParents)

7, Mr. Saturday Knight (Family Guy)

Those where the 7 TV episodes that had a sitting in a Ren Fair. While the KC Renaissance Fair is going on right now on the weekends until Columbus Day or to the other Ren Fair's in the area where you are at that is happening when ever it is for some fun seeing people dress like from the Middle Ages and Mystical beings. Not really vary Historical active still fun to goMore post's soon for now keep on viewing! 

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