Independent Food Critic Thirsty Thursdays Mt. Dew Baja Blast

 This is the vary first Thirsty Thursdays where I share a drink. That something I do drink. Being this once in a while two week or more. To share some of the beverages that I do drink.  
The drink I be sharing with you on Thirsty Thursdays is Mt. Dew Baja Blast. It is one of the Mt. Dew drinks that I like. Most of the time you can fine it at Taco Bell. Have limited times that they have them at stores. Most of the few things what I like about having at Taco Bell. Has a blue tropical taste. Their where ways they clam how to make it from the web by having Mt. Dew and PowerAde Blue Mountain Blast mix tougher. Probably not the way to make it. More times it well be at Taco Bells fountain drinks do have them as Icees during Happy Hours. That was one of the drinks I do drink for sharing it on Thirsty Thursdays. Well be doing another drink sometime over a week or more on a Thursday. For now keep on viewing!


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