Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Story of Krampus

Right now I am telling a bit of a story of the Christmas Krampus. Pretty much kind of in my own way. Longo in pre-christen area that Santa Claus had to much naughty children to deal with. Not much with nice children to give gifts to. While Santa had the idea to deal with the naughty children. By summon up Krampus a beasty demon like monster from the Alps. To deal with all the naughty children. While over the years Santa giving the good children Christmas gifts. Santa going past by the bad children. Where Krampus goes takes the Naughty children whips them with sticks puts them in his bag takes to his cave in the Alps chains them and eats them up. While threw time that Santa gave a threw good children gifts. Meany bad children taking by Krampus. Until what Santa knows what Krampus was doing with the bad children. He diced that what Krampus dose to them is to much. He decided to get Krampus to stop what he dose. Santa decides to give naughty children coal. But Krampus refuse to give in. He rather just do what he dose by taking the bad children. Santa decides to chain krampus up in his own cave in the Alps for century's. Over time Santa gave the good children gifts and gave the bad children coal. All the way to present day. For Krampus he remains chain up in his cave. Until now that he escapes??? That was a story of Krampus in kind of my way of telling it. Your children better behave. If they be bad they better take the coal instead of meeting with Krampus.

                                                                        Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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