Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top 10 Sci-Fi TV series

I all ways been into Sci-Fi most of my life. From movies and TV. Had did a top Sci-Fi movies on my Facebook page. Now I am ranking up the 10 Sci-Fi TV shows from space travel, parallel worlds, Dinosaurs and something takes place in the Future. Let you know they are my picks. Maybe not the best chose's their are shows on here that might not or remember some of them are one's that only had one season. They are the one's I had watched episodes of. Let you know Firefly, Doctor Who and Eureka are not on hear.

1, Sliders

2, Futurama

3, Lexx

4, Earth 2

5, Surface

6, Red Dwarf 

7, Terra Nova 

8, Star Trek

9, Seaquest DSV

10, Farscape

Most of those are my pick's. Remember something might not be the best chose's to other's they are my picks . If you want to know about them you can watch them your self. Most of those are happen to be on Netflix right now. Their are some others I meant to put down. Didn't mad it on their just one's came to mine. Maybe another post  well probably put them down. For now keep on viewing!

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