Thursday, February 11, 2016

Guitar Hero Live

For Christmas I got Guitar Hero Live. Been meaning to write this post for a while. Since it is a Guitar Hero game half to write about it. Guitar Hero Live first time when I notice about it where it use a real audience then a animated one's. Had the new Guitar with threat buttons that is top and bottom then a cross the side dose not have the color threat buttons on it. Where it has a choice of playing live and the music video channel. What I think about this game is pretty good then what I thought not really the best. Do play it a threw times not really much. What I dislike about it is how the new guitar has the new threat buttons then takes awhile to get used to those. More go for the iconic color buttons they always had in the older games. It is still a pretty good game to the expense almost like a rock star on stage maybe not to bring the series back? Be playing it some more some time soon.  

More post well be out soon and for now Keep on Rockin!

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