Friday, May 2, 2014

Top 12 fictional amusement parks from movies and TV

This is not Independent Food Critic post I have not did in awhile. Mostly this the season of spring and summer first post of May of this year from now. Where I kinda do some amusement park related blogs. Got 12 fictional amusement parks from movies and TV. This might be the parks you want to go and some you don't want to go. Let you know this ones are from movies and TV series. Nothing from video games got two from The Simpsons. One from a movie I know about have not seen.

1, Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park)

2, Pacific Playland (Zombie land)

3, Cartman Land (South Park)

4, Horror Land (Goosebumps)

5, Itchy and Scratchy Land (The Simpsons)

6, Luna Park (Futurama)

7, Six Flags Quahog (Family Guy)

8, Duff Gardens (The Simpsons)

9, West World (West World)

10, Adventureland (Adventureland)

11, Super Silly Fun Land (Despicable Me)

12, Wonder World (Beverly Hills Cop III)

Most of those are the make believe amusement parks that I know in TV and movies. Still some I left out but maybe next time. For now keep on viewing!

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